UTOPIAN COFFEE CO. Owners u·to·pi·an (yoo-toh’ pe-en): adj. Excellent or ideal: characterized by or aspiring to perfection.

UTOPIAN COFFEE CO. was founded in the Fall of 2006 by two cousins, eager to share the best fresh roasted coffee from around the world and to educate consumers on how to make their coffee experience more enriching. Procuring specialty coffee from the expanses of the globe, we not only give back to our local community, but to the communities at origin that provide the raw product that leads to the amazing beverage we all enjoy. With social and environmental responsibility at the forefront of our priorities, we at UTOPIAN COFFEE CO. will continue making strides in sustainability allowing all involved, from grower to consumer, to take an active role in this necessary process.

UTOPIAN COFFEE is an experience. Personal. Fresh. Flavorful. Unparalleled satisfaction. We love coffee and take pride in sharing our small batch, fresh roasted coffee with you. Whether you want to join our coffee of the month club or simply want to buy coffee as you need it, we aspire to serve you the finest roasted specialty coffees from around the globe. The proof is in the cup.