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Summertime Coffee: Tips for Making Cold Brew Coffee

At Utopian, we are always striving to generate new ways for our customers to connect with coffee, and this year we decided to create an awesome new blend to highlight one of our favorite coffee drinks: Cold Brew. Cold brew is a method for brewing coffee that produces a smooth and refreshing cup of coffee totally ready to drink on a balmy, summer day! Similar [...]

The Best In-Home Coffee Grinders

There's nothing like a cup of freshly ground coffee in the morning. If you're one of those people that orders fresh roasted coffee beans and grinds them in your home, odds are you've experienced the struggle to find the perfect coffee grinder. Not only does your grinder need to give your gourmet coffee beans a quality grind, but it should be easy to use. And [...]

Water Quality Matters in Your Cup of Gourmet Coffee

It sounds obvious when you say it out loud, but most people don’t know that the quality of the water used for brewing affects their coffee's taste. Image: ShutterStock.com According to The Telegraph, researchers have concluded that, “The perfect cup of fresh roasted coffee should be made with water high in magnesium and low in bicarbonate.” When they examined the water’s effects closely, high [...]