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Pour Over

Brewing coffee at home can often be a challenge for people; a challenge that leaves them wondering why they can't get it to be as good as the coffee shop. A lot of that is due to the tools (equipment) the specialty coffee shops are using and we're going to talk about a way that you can make a great cup of coffee with a [...]


Decaf. Usually this word is associated with poor tasting coffee. But despite its reputation I have good news for the coffee lovers who are unable to have caffeine or the coffee addicts (like me) who desire a fresh brew at 1 a.m. We here at UTOPIAN roast up some tasty decaf! Whenever I brew some of our decaf for friends or family who cannot have [...]

Iced Coffee

With the hot months of Summer coming up, I thought it would be helpful to share some thoughts on how to make some great iced coffee. I'll offer two different recipes: A quick and easy recipe and then a more technical one for my fellow coffee nerds. The easiest way to make some great iced coffee is to simply double the amount of coffee grounds [...]

New Coffee: Colombia Pitalito

We are excited to release our Direct Trade Colombia Pitalito! This offering is from the Huila region of Colombia, which happens to be my favorite region due to the amazing coffee that comes out of there. The name Pitalito refers to the town right next to where this coffee is grown. The Pitalito is an exceptional coffee with notes of caramel, molasses, and red fruit. [...]

Brewing Tips: French Press

The French press, or simply a press pot, is probably one of the most popular manual brewing methods. It's a great way to highlight all that UTOPIAN coffee has to offer. I have some simple French press tips and tricks I use when brewing with the French press that I believe can elevate your gourmet coffee experience and I'd like to share them with you. [...]

Women for Women International

UTOPIAN COFFEE CO. is proud to be a supporter of a project called “Women For Women International”, which works with socially excluded women in eight countries where war and conflict have devastated lives and communities. Women who enroll in their one-year program learn job skills and receive business training so they can earn a living. They come to understand their rights and how to fight [...]

Light roast, dark roast, my roast, your roast

During my time in the coffee world I have witnessed the battle of the roast preference. I have heard about every debate out there, from light roast coffee is acidic to dark roast coffee is burnt. Everyone has their favorite place on the roast spectrum, and with a patriotic spirit they will rise up to defend their roast preference if anyone dares to attack it. [...]

Brewing Ratio

I have come to notice that one of the biggest factors in getting great tasting gourmet coffee is the water to coffee ratio. Previously, I was satisfied people were simply brewing with Utopian Coffee regardless of the ratios they were using, but now I am more focused on proper water to coffee ratios. I hope this doesn't come off as snobby, but I have started [...]

Burr Grinder

The best way to improve your coffee experience at home other than using fresh roasted coffee and proper water to coffee ratios is to use a quality burr grinder. If you are are not already using a burr grinder, hopefully I can win you over! Coffee loses most of it's aromatics within 10 minutes of being ground. By the time you brew pre-ground coffee, most [...]