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Partnership Coffee from Ethiopia – Raro Nensebo by Ture Waji

Ture Waji "King of Guji" photo provided by Tim Hill / Atlantic Specialty Coffee Almost overnight Ethiopia’s Guji Zone went from obscurity to prominence in the global coffee scene. Only a few short years ago, most of the coffee produced by communities in Guji, a densely forested and mountainous region in Southern Ethiopia, were sold under the names Yirgacheffe or Sidamo (two neighboring [...]

Nicaragua Partnership – Fabretto Coffee

Coffee cherries - all photos provided by Fabretto Enterprises In 2019 alone, Nicaragua saw two major hurricanes less than two weeks apart. The destruction caused by these hurricanes is hard to quantify. Not only did the hurricanes damage structures, but they also ravaged countless acres of farmland, affecting some of the most vulnerable people in Nicaragua: the rural poor. The following year coronavirus [...]

Colombia Part 2 – Yominson Trujillo

In our last blog post I wrote briefly on Semilla Coffee and the Monkaaba Project that's taking place around the town of San Agustin in the Huila department of Colombia. Just to cover some basics before moving forward: Semilla Coffee is a coffee importing and trading company that's really redefining what this role looks like in the supply chain. Instead of being driven by profits, [...]

Colombia | Sourcing with Semilla and the Monkaaba Project

Colombia, Sourcing with Semilla and the Monkaaba Project Part 1 Resources to learn more about the protests against Tax Reform in Colombia (updates are taking place daily): Colombian Coffee Professionals Speak Out on What's Going On Pictures of Protests with Commentary UN Condemns Crackdown on Protests Resources from Semilla Coffee on the history and current status of the Colombian coffee industry:  On Monkaaba, the organization [...]

Burundi | Long Miles Coffee Project

I taste literally hundreds of coffees every year to determine our lineup, but there are two factors which are an absolute MUST for us to consider buying the coffee in the first place: 1) The coffee directly supports a supply chain that equally and fairly distributes value. In other words, the coffee producers are paid fair wages, and all the actors in between [...]

Honduras Oscar Nunez

Oscar Nunez - Los Datiles El Plantel Village, Yorito Muncipality, Yoro Department, Honduras Latitude 15.066978 Longitude -87.348675 Oscar Nunez with his Catuai and Lempira trees   There's nothing more exciting than releasing a new coffee that has the potential to become a long term partnership. So far, in 2021 alone, we've release coffee from the Baroida Estate, Toldopamba, and Milceades Minga—all different coffees [...]

Colombia – Carlos + Angela of Toldopamba

Mountain of Narino - All photos provided by Toldopamba Coffee Colombia is one of the most diverse and complex coffee-producing nations in the world. The culture of coffee-producing has spread to all corners of the nation, and the result is countless communities tucked into mountainsides and valleys that produce excellent specialty coffee. Many of these communities are tucked into valleys and mountainsides in [...]

The Baroida Estate – Superior Quality and Impact

Photos Courtesy of Sucafina Specialty and Tim Heinze Coffee from Papua New Guinea has a bad rap.  When I first started working in specialty coffee I saw coffees from Papua New Guinea replacing the better known Sumatran that had been the standard for years. An entire generation of coffee roasteries and cafes had relied on Sumatran beans, which famously provided earthy and tobacco-like [...]

January Subscription

January Subscription Lineup Peru Rutas Del Incas We are extremely excited to feature this awesome coffee from Peru, a country that's continuing to surprise us and displays exceptional quality. We wrote a longer and more detailed blog post about the Rutas Del Incas which you can find here. Definitely go check that out if you're interested in learning more about this coffee. Here [...]