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Whether you’re new to specialty coffee or have been making coffee for years, we’re here to help. From a pour-over to French Press, we’re here with detailed Brew Guides to help you make the perfect cup of Utopian Coffee at home, however you want to make it.

French Press – Tutorial

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The French Press is a full-immersion brewing method, meaning all the coffee grounds will become “immersed” by hot water for several minutes before being filtered and served.

Step 1. Weigh and Heat

The first step in brewing on a French Press is to weigh the beans. For the average French Press we will use 50 grams of coffee. After weighing the beans, use hot water to pre-heat the French Press vessel.

Step 2. Grind 

After your water is heated (recommended between 200-205 degrees), grind your beans. The size should be similar to coarse sea salt. Once the coffee is ground, add it to the French Press.

Step 4. Bloom

First pour about 150 grams of water onto the beans. Immediately afterwards begin stirring the coffee in order to saturate all the grounds in the hot water. Once finished allow the “slurry” to sit for about 45 seconds.

*Slurry – Fancy coffee word for the mixture of grounds and hot water – aka coffee before it has been filtered

Step 5. Pour More

After 45 seconds fill the rest of the French Press with water and then stir again. Allow this to sit and for about 5 minutes total.

Step 6. Clean Up and Press

Most people would not add this to their “list of French Press” steps, but we’ve found it creates much less sediment and a much more enjoyable drinking experience.*

Once you reach about 5 minutes, use a spoon to gently remove all the coffee grounds that are floating at the top of the French Press. Once these grounds have been removed, insert the plunger and slowly begin to press down. This will filter the brewed coffee from the rest of the small sediment left.

Pro Tip: Press down very gently and slowly, and do not press down until you hit the bottom. Pressing too quickly or pressing hard onto the bottom will cause the grounds which have settled at the bottom to shoot back up, causing more fine grinds to end up in the finished cup.

Step 7. Enjoy

Now that you’ve sucessfully brewed a French Press it’s time to pour yourself a cup and enjoy!

Aeropress – Brewing Tutorial

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How to Brew on the Aeropress

A brewing method that perfectly unites full-immersion and pressure to create a one-of-a-kind brewing experience.

Aeropress 6

Step 1. Weigh Beans 

For brewing on the Aeropress we want about 17-18 grams of coffee. If using the scoop provided with the Aeropress, this would amount about about 1 heaping scoop of beans.

(Scoops can work well, but weighing is objectively the most accurate method).

Step 2. Assemble Aeropress

Before grinding your beans the Aeropress needs to be assembled. There are 3 main pieces that makeup the Aeropress: plunger, brewing column, and cap. The “Classic” brewing method calls for the brewing column to point downward on top of a carafe (which will catch our coffee!). Attach the cap with one filter to the bottom of the column and place both on top of a carafe. Once these pieces are put together, rinse the paper filter with hot water and allow to drain before tossing the brewing water out.

Aeropress 11

Step 3. Grind Beans and Load 

Once you’ve put the Aeropress together and rinsed the filter it is time to begin grinding the beans. For a classic brew we will want our grind size to look something similar to table salt.

* If after brewing you found the brew to be too weak, we would suggest either grinding finer, or adding about a quarter-scoop more beans*

Step 4. Pour!

Once ground, pour the coffee into the brewing column. Shake the column lightly to create a flat bed of grounds. Now we’re ready to begin pouring. Start by adding about 60 grams of water. If you’re not using a scale, pour until reaching slightly above the #1 on the side of the brew column. After adding the water make sure to stir the coffee – this will ensure the water and grounds are completely mixed and saturated.

After 30 seconds, add the rest of the water. With a scale this will be somewhere around 270 grams total, without a scale continue pouring until you reach the top of the #4. Allow this to sit for about 40-60 seconds.

Step 5: Plunge!

At 1:30 insert the plunger piece on top of the brewing column and slowly begin to push down. Be careful to press down slowly, allowing the coffee to move through the filter and into you vessel. Pressing too fast will cause possible spills (and lots of tears). Total brew time should be about 2 minutes.Aeropress 7


Chemex – Brewing Tutorial

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How to Brew on the Chemex

The Chemex creates wonderfully clean flavors utilizing the pourover method.

Chemex 1

Step 1. Weigh and Grind

Weighing your coffee is extremely important! Beans will weigh different depending on size, shape, and roast level. Weighing the beans ensures a consistent brewing experience each time! We recommend grinding 45 grams coffee on a coarse setting. The grinds should resemble sea salt.

Step 2. Insert and Rinse Filter

Unfold the filter and place the side with the triple-fold facing the Chemex’s “spout.” Once inserted, rinse the filter thoroughly with hot water. The Chemex uses a thick filter which in turn ensure an exceptional drinking experience. Rinsing the filter removes any of the “papery” tastes and warms the vessel to retain heat during and after brewing. After rinsing pour this water out.

Chemex 2

Step 3. Add Coffee and Begin Brewing

At this point we’re about ready to begin brewing. Pour your coffee grounds into the filter and “shake” the Chemex to create a flat bed of grounds. Once this is complete, use your heated water to begin pouring. We recommend pouring about 150 grams of water over the grounds in a slow, circular motion (ensuring all the coffee is thoroughly saturated). Once done pouring stir vigorously vigorously and allow to sit for 30-40 seconds before continuing to pour.

Step 4. Continue Pouring

At about 30-40 seconds after the first pour, add 200 grams of water in the same circular motion (slowly and deliberately) . Continue to add 200 grams of water every 30-40 seconds until reaching 750 grams. Total brew time should be about 4-6 minutes depending on roast style and bean origin.

Step 5. Finale 

Once the coffee is finished dripping remove and dispose of the filter. Swirl the coffee in the Chemex and serve into a warm mug!

Chemex 3

Hario V60 – Brewing Tutorial

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Step 1. Weigh and Grind

Weigh 22 grams of beans and put them into your grinder. The grind size you want to shoot for should be about as fine as table salt.

Step 2. Insert and Rinse Filter

Unfold the V60 filter and set it inside the dripper. Using hot water right-off the boil, pour through the filter, thoroughly wetting it to remove any paper-like tastes. Make sure to dump out any of the waste water before brewing!

Step 3. Bloom* 

Pour the ground coffee into the Hario V60 filter and shake them gently to create a flat brewing bed. After this, begin pouring in a circular motion beginning in the middle and continuing toward the outside of the brew-bed. You should aim for about 60-70grams of water in the first 30 seconds. Ideally, this first pour should cover all the grounds evenly, creating an optimal brewing environment for the rest of the pours.

*The first pour is called the “bloom” because of how coffee expands in the filter!

Step 4. Continue Pouring

About 30 seconds after the first pour you will want to add more water, totalling to about 180 grams. Try to pour gently over the entire brew-bed surface, again aiming to evenly dispense the water. Once reaching 180 grams, all the coffee to drip for another 30-45 before pouring for the last time. You will want to shoot for around 320 grams water total. The entire brew time should be around 2:30-3:30 minutes depending on roast style and grind size.

Step 5. Enjoy! 

Once the coffee is finished dripping, dispose of the filter and grounds and remove the dripper. Pour into your favorite mug and enjoy!