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Winter Blend 2017

Nick Breheny

Winter Blend

The winter season, unlike any other, profoundly influences the coffee experience. As the seasons change and we awake to a frost blanket coating the earth, we naturally begin to gravitate inward toward warmer, cozier spaces. Let’s be honest, nothing sounds better than a comfortable couch situated near the fireplace on a cold winter day.

Homeostasis is the body’s response to change. In a physiological sense, homeostasis is the body trying to keep things running as they should amidst internal and external fluctuation. When changes occur, our body responds and attempts to return to a state of stability. This could easily explain why on a cold day we seek the warmth of the indoors, or why a huge home-cooked meal never sounds as good as it does when the first snow of the season falls, but I’d like to think homeostasis is a lot more than a mere physical response.

Unlike any other season, the coldness of winter invites us to seek another kind of warmth, one that isn’t found in a fireplace or warm sweater. The warmth we seek is much greater, more personal, and quite deeper in every way.

Warmth is the feelings of friends and family to share meals with. Warmth is cuddling with your pet while watching your favorite movie. Warmth is opening presents surrounded by your family, and eating too many cookies with you siblings, and telling someone you profoundly care for that you love them.

I remember the frequent gatherings of family and friends around the household during the winter months. There was always a pot of coffee ready, and everyone was quick to drink as much as they could before braving the cold once more. It was in these small moments, between the coffee, the laughing, and the holiday cookies that we all received and gave warmth to one another. As I’ve grown, I’ve come to appreciate these moments, and how such a simple drink as coffee played a central role in these interactions. It was these moments that inspired me to curate our Winter Blend.

Winter Blend

In creating the Winter Blend coffee, I wanted to express flavors of the winter and holiday season. I achieved this specific flavor profile with coffee from a single origin: Honduras. Throughout the year I’ve tasted several Honduran coffees, all of which have similar flavor nuances. More often than not, these coffees display what I call “lower register” flavors such as chocolates, nuts, and deep fruits (plum, black cherry, etc). Recognizing these qualities, I combined two microlots from Honduras: Abelardo Reyes and Marta Licida Vasquez.

Abelardo Reyes displays notes of black cherry, dark chocolate, and caramel, with a relatively clean body. Marta Licida Vasquez complements this well with cocoa, walnuts, and a heavy body. The result is a exceptionally well-balanced cup of coffee with notes of cocoa, gingerbread, and peanut brittle. We hope this Winter Blend coffee is shared with your friends and family this holiday season.

Come for the warmth – stay for the coffee – together we create Utopia

Utopian Coffee Fall Blend

Nick Breheny

Utopian Coffee Fall BlendAs the weather begins to cool and the leaves begin to turn bright shades of orange and red, we all start to think about the fantastic autumn season. To some, this season signals time for the various holidays, as well as an excuse for eating too much candy and turkey. To others, this season is all about comfy sweaters, overindulging in Netflix, and everything pumpkin spice flavored.

Here at Utopian Coffee, we’ve been planning to release something special to all our customers. We roasted and tasted multiple coffees, and created a delicious blend that fits what this time of year is all about.

Our Autumn Blend is a delightful mixture of two coffees we’re quite fond of. The first is a naturally processed El Salvadorian coffee that brings mouthwatering fruits and deep cocoa notes to the mix. The other is a Mexican Chiapas Regional Select, which bursts with notes of hazelnut, milk chocolate, and baking spices.

The resulting flavors reflect baked fruit pie (think your Grandma’s kitchen), milk chocolate, and baking spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. This blend works exceptionally well as both a filter brew, or as a medium espresso. We’re very excited to share 2017 Autumn Blend with you.

New Coffee: Colombia Pitalito

Landon Porter

We are excited to release our Direct Trade Colombia Pitalito! This offering is from the Huila region of Colombia, which happens to be my favorite region due to the amazing coffee that comes out of there. The name Pitalito refers to the town right next to where this coffee is grown.

The Pitalito is an exceptional coffee with notes of caramel, molasses, and red fruit. It has a medium body and a muted brightness…very smooth. There is a pleasant dryness to the finish, and the overall experience reminds us of enjoying a fruit preserve. This offering had a higher price at origin, so it will just be $2 more than our regular coffees. However, for our coffee subscription members, we will be including this coffee at no extra cost!

New Colombia Excelso

Allie Vanhyfte

Colombia Coffee Beans on TreeWe have a brand new coffee blend called Excelso that comes from the Narino region of Colombia. This is a very unique blend because of the geography of this part of Colombia. It is very rugged and mountainous, which is good for the cup of coffee, however, it makes harvesting a lot harder for the farmers.

Most coffee in this region is grown on small, family farms on the side of a mountain. The good part about this is that since the farms are small enough the farmers take very good care of the coffee plants and the harvesting process, which you will be able to tell in the cup of coffee.Colombia Excelso - Direct Trade

The reason mountainous coffees are desired is for many reasons, beginning with altitude. The higher up coffee grows, the better. In order for Arabica coffee to be considered “specialty”, it needs to meets an altitude requirement of 4,000-8,000 ft. Any lower than that and the coffee is considered robusta, which is a lower quality of coffee.

Another reason mountainous coffee is desired is because it typically has a volcanic soil. This is good for coffee growing because the soil holds many nutrients that affect the coffee growing process. We’ve found that coffees that grow in a volcanic soil tend to have a unique natural, cane sugar sweetness to them that other coffees do not have.

Cauca pictures UtopianThis is truly a unique coffee that is characterized by its subtle brightness, creamy body, rich chocolate taste and dried berry finish. Make sure to give it a try!