Cocaine to Coffee

"This is the most we've ever been paid for anything." -Pablo Taquinas on Utopian Coffee purchasing coffee from both his farm as well as his neighbors Utopian Direct Relationship - Cocaine to Coffee We are extremely pumped to announce the 2020 Cocaine to Coffee project launch! We currently have three coffees available, with the first being a single-farmer light roast from Mireya Espinosa. [...]

Huehuetenango Trip Report

If you’re reading this blog and are familiar with our coffees, chances are you’ve had a chance to drink one of our favorites: the Siembra de Mujer. The Siembra de Mujeres comes from western Guatemala; specifically, it grows in a region known as Huehuetenango. Very rural and extremely mountainous, Huehue (as many nickname it) is known for producing some of the tastiest coffee in the [...]

Get to Know Us: Gabby Myrice

Gabby is an employee of Utopian Coffee, a recent graduate of Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, and an avid comic book connoisseur.  What was your first awesome experience with coffee? When I was in England I went to the London Coffee Festival with a friend who was much more acquainted with coffee than I was. There was a lot more technology than I ever [...]

My Time at the Rwanda Hingakawa Co-Op, Part 2

I recently wrote about my time at the Hingakawa co-op, a female-owned and operated coffee initiative that has brought opportunity and restoration to a community devastated by violence and war in the 1990's. Part of what makes the chance to work with these women so special is that they are innovators, they are survivors, and they are hard workers. When we get to know our partner farmers, we [...]

My Time at the Rwanda Hingakawa Co-Op

As I sat in the restaurant surrounded by green and yellow painted concrete walls, I was hit by this wave of feeling. It was a combination of excitement and optimism. I had the pleasure of eating with Corette Nakabonye, the 61-yr-old female president of the Hingakawa coffee cooperative. Her coffee story and that of Hingakawa is not a simple one, but it is certainly a [...]