Get to Know Us: Nathan Diehl

Get to Know Us is a series of blogs featuring interviews with members of the Utopian team. Today we're featuring Nathan, who essentially integrates technology and keeps things running smoothly and efficiently! Read the following interview to learn more about what Nathan does and what he loves about Utopian Coffee! Tell us about the moment you became interested in specialty coffee: My coffee story begins [...]

Get to Know Us: Nick Brehany

Nick is an avid record collector, armchair philosopher, and coffee wizard currently roasting for Utopian. What was your first experience with coffee? I’ve had many “firsts experiences” with coffee. When I was a kid, my parents always had a pot of coffee brewing. This really made me think of coffee as a “life-sustaining” substance, specifically for the working person. You could say I was captured [...]

Get to Know Us: Gabby Myrice

Gabby is an employee of Utopian Coffee, a recent graduate of Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, and an avid comic book connoisseur.  What was your first awesome experience with coffee? When I was in England I went to the London Coffee Festival with a friend who was much more acquainted with coffee than I was. There was a lot more technology than I ever [...]