Chemex Brewing Photo 1

The Chemex creates wonderfully clean flavors utilizing the pourover method – follow these simple steps to brew at home 


Step 1. Weigh and Grind Your Coffee

Weighing your coffee is extremely important. It helps create consistency, and ensures you use the correct water to coffee ratio (brew ratio) which results in the best flavors ending up in the final brewed beverage.

Beans weigh differently depending on size, shape, and roast level. Weighing the beans ensures a consistent brewing experience each time!

We recommend grinding 45 grams coffee on a coarse setting. The grinds should resemble coarse sea salt.

Step 2. Insert and Rinse Filter

Unfold the filter and place the side with the triple-fold facing the Chemex’s “spout.”

Once inserted, rinse the filter thoroughly with hot water.

The Chemex uses a thick filter which in turn ensure an exceptional drinking experience. Rinsing the filter removes any of the “papery” tastes and warms the vessel to retain heat during and after brewing. After rinsing pour this water out.

Chemex Brewing Beautiful 2

Step 3. Add Coffee and Begin Brewing

At this point we’re about ready to begin brewing.

Pour your ground coffee into the filter and “shake” the Chemex to create a flat bed of grounds.

Once this is complete, use your heated water to begin pouring, beginning with about 150 grams of water over the grounds in a slow, circular motion (ensuring all the coffee is thoroughly saturated).

Once done pouring, stir vigorously and allow to sit for 30-45 seconds before pouring again.

Step 4. Continue Pouring

Pour another 200 grams of water in the same circular motion, brining your total water weight to 350.

Continue to add 200 grams of water every 30-40 seconds until reaching 743 grams total.

The finished brew time should be about 4-6 minutes depending on roast style and bean origin.

Step 5. Finale 

Once the coffee is finished dripping remove and dispose of the filter. Swirl the coffee in the Chemex and serve into a warm mug!

Chemex Brewing Photo 3

Pro Tip:

At Utopian we generally use 16.5 parts water (or grams of water) to every 1 gram of coffee used to brew on the Chemex. If you find your brew is too strong at this ratio, increase the amount of water you are using. For example, your next brew could use a 17 parts water to 1 part coffee ratio. If you like a stronger brew then use less water with a ratio closer to 16 parts water to 1 part coffee. Follow this simple equation to find the amount of water you need to use:

For a 1:16 ratio

45 grams coffee x 16 grams water = 720 grams water needed to brew

45 g coffee x 16.5 g water = 742.5 (743)

45g coffee x 17 = 765