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#1 Kinds and Varieties

by Nick Brehany
Manager of Roasting & Sourcing

Up your brew IQ with short, easily digestible mini coffee tutorials, or, as we call them, Brewtorials. These facts & insights will take you behind the scenes and deep into the history of this beloved bean.

Brew Blogs

Whether you’re a recovering truck stop coffee drinker or micro-roasting in your kitchen, we’ve got the pro tips to elevate your game no matter how you brew.

French Press – Tutorial

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The French Press is a full-immersion brewing method, meaning all the coffee grounds will become "immersed" by hot water for several minutes before being filtered and served. Step 1. Weigh and Heat The first step in brewing on a French Press is to weigh the beans. For the average French Press we will use 50 grams of coffee. After weighing the beans, use hot water to pre-heat the French Press vessel. Step 2. Grind  After [...]

Aeropress – Brewing Tutorial

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A brewing method that perfectly unites full-immersion and pressure to create a one-of-a-kind brewing experience. Step 1. Weigh Beans  For brewing on the Aeropress, we want about 17-18 grams of coffee. If using the scoop provided with the Aeropress, this would amount about 1 heaping scoop of beans. (Scoops can work well, but weighing is objectively the most accurate method). Step 2. Assemble Aeropress Before grinding your beans the Aeropress needs to be assembled. There [...]

Chemex – Brewing Tutorial

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The Chemex creates wonderfully clean flavors utilizing the pourover method - follow these simple steps to brew at home    Step 1. Weigh and Grind Your Coffee Weighing your coffee is extremely important. It helps create consistency, and ensures you use the correct water to coffee ratio (brew ratio) which results in the best flavors ending up in the final brewed beverage. Beans weigh differently depending on size, shape, and roast level. Weighing the beans [...]

Hario V60 – Brewing Tutorial

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Step 1. Weigh and Grind Weigh 22 grams of beans and put them into your grinder. The grind size you want to shoot for should be about as fine as table salt. Step 2. Insert and Rinse Filter Unfold the V60 filter and set it inside the dripper. Using hot water right-off the boil, pour through the filter, thoroughly wetting it to remove any paper-like tastes. Make sure to dump out any of the waste water [...]

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