1. The Utopian Commitment
Utopian Coffee will pay commission directly to Vector Marketing for each sale of a Cutco Membership you sell, including each and every renewal.
2. The Rep’s Commitment
The rep commits to and is responsible for ensuring that each order is placed accurately and properly. This includes spelling names and addresses correctly.
3. Expectations & Exceptions
On the occasion that Utopian Coffee makes a mistake, we commit to make it right.
On the occasion that a Rep makes a mistake that ends up making Utopian Coffee spend additional money to make it right (such as entering an incorrect Shipping Address), the Rep acknowledges they may loose commission on that sale (but will retain recurring sale commissions). If the rep enters the wrong grind (such as “Whole bean” when customer wanted “Drip grind”), it will be the Rep’s responsibility to make that right, including picking up the coffee to have it ground and returned to the customer.