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Our Direct Trade offering from Guatemala

I had an amazing opportunity to visit some of our farmers in the Antigua region of Guatemala in August. It was truly incredible to be able to experience coffee with them, from the planting to the final stages of sorting; I even got to roast over a fire, grind with a handstone and drink the brewed coffee within minutes of it being green. Our hosts were so incredibly gracious and I’m excited to continue to develop our relationship with this fantastic group of farmers and invest in their infrastructure, allowing them to continue to improve the quality of life for their families.

Please take an opportunity to watch the video and if you’re inspired, share it with someone you know. And if you want to help support these farmers and enjoy good coffee at the same time, please feel free to buy a bag or two of the Direct Trade Guatemala San Miguel. Thank you for helping us Create Utopia!

Brendon Maxwell


Direct Trade or “Relationship” coffees are offerings that Utopian Coffee sources directly from the farmers who grow, harvest and prepare the coffee beans. This means there is no middleman to absorb a markup, allowing us to pay the farmers themselves a premium for their coffee, which in turn helps them take a financial step up in their family’s lives and enables them to continue to invest into producing high-quality specialty coffee. Utopian believes in not only delivering you freshly-roasted coffee, but also understands the importance of ethically sourcing these beans to ensure a truly sustainable coffee trail. Whether sponsoring women through education programs in Congo, helping Guatemalan farmers to send their children to school, or coming alongside our female-owed co-op in Rwanda to build a new education center, YOU are helping us Create Utopia!