A coffee lover and serious home aficionado came by the UTOPIAN roastery yesterday. We looked over our La Marzocco Linea, talked specialty coffee, & philosophized about espresso. As the discussion progressed, the gleam in his eye became more apparent.

We swapped stories about knockout double espressos & where we’ve had them. Then, I think we came to a tacit agreement on something: Part of the reason that espresso is enrapturing is that really great espresso is so tough to create and duplicate. The number of variables in the equation is so great, and many of them are outside of our ability to directly perceive. We have to read the finished product, and work backward to isolate, eliminate, and dial in variables. When it is early in the morning, and it’s just me here in the roastery gearing up for the day, achieving a great doubleshot is like solving a small mystery. It is intensely gratifying, and a great start to the day. Pursue excellence.