Bulk Gifting

Utopian has been fulfilling large and small scale corporate gifting initiatives for over a decade. Click here to fill out our gifting intake form, and we will be in touch with a proposal for your organizations custom gift within 48hrs.

Bulk Coffee for Ministries and Corporations

We offer an array of services, including bulk volume discounts, for ministries and corporations. Check out our church/office coffee program details HERE or SUBMIT THIS FORM to get pricing for your organization. We also partner with likeminded organizations for missional causes. If you are interested in selling Utopian Coffee to raise money for your cause, email with the details, and we will be in [...]

Wholesale Application Process

We have an extensive wholesale program that services areas throughout the U.S. If  you would like to hear more about our program and pricing, COMPLETE THIS FORM and a representative will be in touch within 48hrs.

Roasting Methodology

Roasting in small batches allows unparalleled quality control. These smaller volume roasts afford us the opportunity to meticulously monitor the flavors we are able to elicit from each bean. Prior to roasting we comb each batch to ensure that any defective beans are removed; ensuring clean, discernible flavors in your cup.

Fair Trade and Organic Certifications

Utopian Coffee is an Organic Certified and licensed Fair Trade organization. However, we feel it is important to note that we do not restrict ourselves to Fair Trade and Organic Certified partnerships as these programs can be prohibitive towards some of the highest quality, long-term sustainably run farms that we work with. We want you to have the best selection possible, not just from the [...]

Allergens and Cross-Contamination

Our coffee is gluten free, and the only product we produce in our facility is fresh roasted coffee. There is no chance of cross-contamination as we do not process anything except high quality specialty coffee.

Previous Coffee Unavailable

We source in accordance with Earth's various harvest cycles, which means certain single origin coffees will come and go. However, if you are hoping to match a previously available offering, let us know—we’ll assist in choosing an equivalent. If you are interested in consistency, we suggest one of our blends, such as Pearl (light roast), Union (medium roast) or Obsidian (dark roast).

Update Subscription Credit Card

 Log in to your account or, if you are already logged click ACCOUNT on the header menu Click the PAYMENT METHODS tab Click the blue Add Payment Method link and enter your card information Click Add payment method button If you've already received a failed payment notification: On ACCOUNT page, click ORDERS tab Click Pay button next to order that says "failed payment" and complete [...]

Pay for Failed Order

After your credit card is updated, go to ORDERS tab on ACCOUNT page Click PAY button next  failed payment and complete the checkout using the new payment method

Change Coffee Quantity in Subscription

To change the quantity of bags you receive in your subscription: Log into your account or, if you already are, click the ACCOUNT menu option Click MY SUBSCRIPTION tab Scroll to Actions section and click Change Frequency or Next Ship Date Under Products sections, you will see a quantity dropdown box next to the words "Coffee Subscriptions x ____." This represents the number of bags in your subscription. [...]