7 Jan, 2021

November Subscription

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Papua New Guinea Kunjin This coffee was sourced from the Keto Tepasi Progress Organization. Similar to other cooperatives around the world, Keto Tepasi works with a range of coffee producers, with some overseeing only a few plants (we call these "garden farms") to large-scale farms with hundreds of coffee trees. The goal of the organization is the result of two tribes coming together: Keto and [...]

7 Jan, 2021

October Subscription

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Ethiopia - Refisa Ethiopia has been somewhat of an enigma in specialty coffee. From what we know, Ethiopia is the motherland of coffea arabica, aka the good stuff we roast and drink in specialty coffee. From Ethiopia it spread to Yemen and then everywhere else in the world, so all the rest of the world's specialty coffee derives from what can still be found growing wild [...]

3 Dec, 2020

Exploring Peru: Rutas Del Incas

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Exploring Peru Part 1 Throughout the next several months Utopian Coffee is releasing several very special coffees from Peru. Each blog post will explore a unique selection and give you insight into where the coffee comes from and what makes it so special. Rutas Del Incas Cooperative  Chota Province, Cajamarca Region  Available through January   The most remote and mysterious destinations in the world produce some [...]

8 Sep, 2020

September Subscription Coffees

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Our subscription offerings this month come to you from Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Ethiopia, each with a unique story. If you’re not already a Utopian subscriber, learn more and get started now! Nicaragua - Cafetos de Segovia Nicaragua has struggled to find its way into the specialty coffee market. Like many other small coffee-producing countries tucked in Latin America, Nicaraguan coffee producers have experienced firsthand the [...]

6 Aug, 2020

August Subscription

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We're thrilled to bring you three incredible coffees this month from Kenya, Uganda, and Colombia. If you're not already a Utopian subscriber, learn more and get started now! Colombia Maria Manuela Maria Manuel is one of the smallholder producers in the Miranda Cauca Community that we were able to source from this year. She oversees about one hectare (2.47 acres) of land where she has [...]

20 Jul, 2020

July Subscription

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El Salvador Buenos Aires One of the major issues in specialty coffee today is the drastically changing landscape on several levels. Fifty years ago coffee farming was a much different endeavor than it is today. Quality was not the first and foremost concern, quantity was. Producing more and more coffee was the goal, not producing the most high-quality coffee. As a result, many farmers have [...]

19 May, 2020

June Subscription Coffees

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Looking to start a subscription? Check it out HERE Use Code WELCOME2FRESH at checkout for 50% off your first order with a new subscription. Colombia - Clemira Lasso Earlier this year we brought in over 20,000 pounds of coffee from our partner-farmers in Cauca, Colombia. From over 20 separate lots we chose a handful to highlight as single-farmer-selects. One of these standout lots came from [...]

22 Apr, 2020

May Subscription Coffees

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Sign up for Subscriptions HERE Uganda - Kapchurwa Community Uganda is a really unique coffee origin. Most of the varieties growing in Uganda originated in neighboring Kenya where they were replanted and eventually transformed in the unique micro climate of Mt. Elgon, where coffee farmers found perfect elevations to grow specialty coffee. This lot in particular comes from the Sebei tribe who until recently were [...]

9 Apr, 2020

Cocaine to Coffee

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"This is the most we've ever been paid for anything." -Pablo Taquinas on Utopian Coffee purchasing coffee from both his farm as well as his neighbors Utopian Direct Relationship - Cocaine to Coffee We are extremely pumped to announce the 2020 Cocaine to Coffee project launch! We currently have three coffees available, with the first being a single-farmer light roast from Mireya Espinosa. [...]

27 Mar, 2020

April Subscription – New Coffees!

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Hey everyone, my name is Nick and I roast and source coffee for Utopian. As we reach the end of April, we're beginning to gear up for a set of new coffees joining our subscription. For those of you who are new to our subscription, I want to give you a quick rundown on what to expect: If you sign up for our subscription you [...]