With the hot months of Summer coming up, I thought it would be helpful to share some thoughts on how to make some great iced coffee. I’ll offer two different recipes: A quick and easy recipe and then a more technical one for my fellow coffee nerds.
The easiest way to make some great iced coffee is to simply double the amount of coffee grounds you are using for the given amount of water. The extra coffee gounds will ensure you brew a strong Iced Fresh Roasted Coffeecoffee concentrate that won’t be diluted when it melts with the with ice.

Once you have your grounds and water ready to go, add some ice to your coffee pot’s carafe. I fill the ice to the same line on the carafe that I used to measure water. So if I did 8 cups of water I would fill ice to the 8 cup line. Make sure to brew directly on to the ice! This is a little trick that I promise will make your coffee taste better.

After that, simply brew, pour the coffee into a glass full of ice, and enjoy!

However, if you wish to get more technical with your brew and you use a scale to weigh out your ratios, I’ve got something for you.

Instead of the normal 50/50 water to coffee ratio for iced coffee, I personally prefer a 40/60 coffee to water ratio. I find this yields a slightly better brew. So for brewing 12 ounces of hot coffee I’d normally use 25 grams of coffee and 12 ounces (354 milliliters) of water. Our default iced coffee ratio of 50/50 would have me double my coffee to 50 grams, but our new 40/60 water to coffee ratio would have me use 35 grams of coffee. My water amount would remain the same at 12 ounces (or 354 milliliters). For my ice ratio, I use roughly 2/3 of my water ratio. So I’d use 8 ounces (236 grams) of ice. Always brew directly onto ice. This ensures the natural sweetness of the coffee is preserved and helps keep away bitterness. When you brew hot and add ice afterwards, you’ll most likely notice you end up with a more bitter brew.

This is just my personal iced coffee recipe. Please experiment, tweak it, and use whatever works best for your brewing setup!