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Colombia – Clemira Lasso

Earlier this year we brought in over 20,000 pounds of coffee from our partner-farmers in Cauca, Colombia. From over 20 separate lots we chose a handful to highlight as single-farmer-selects. One of these standout lots came from Clemira Lasso, one of many women farmers of the Miranda community who converted their farms from coca to coffee.  Utopian Coffee purchased a handful of bags from Clemira at a fair and equitable price, and we plan to purchase from her farm again this upcoming harvest.

In the cup we taste mellow and soft tones of red berries and herbs with a finish similar to pecans and pear. This coffee is very smooth and makes for a great everyday drinking coffee. 

Additional Information:

Processing – Fully Washed and Fermented for 12 Hours

Varieties – Castillo (a variety introduced by the Colombian government in 2005 to help fight the coffee leaf rust disease)

Harvest – Summer 2019

Altitude – 1700 Meters Above Sea Level

Ethiopia – Roba Bulga Jilo

Roba Bulga Jilo is a scholar, social entrepreneur, and a coffee-farmer. Roba grew up in the Awash Valley of Central Ethiopia, where he and his family lived a pastoral life caring for animals such as camels, sheep, and goats. Eventually, Roba started school at the age of nine, and despite the many odds against him, continued through high school, and even decided to pursue a college education despite his family’s desire for him to pursue the traditional pastoral life. Through his persistence and desire to grow, Roba would go on to earn three master’s degrees, one in gastronomic science, and two from the the Heller School for Social Policy and Management. Since obtaining his degrees Roba has been key in making lasting-impact on coffee farmers, beekeepers, and pastoral communities in rural Ethiopia by aiding them in market-access and integrating information Roba learned from his time spent learning from Slow Food in Italy.

It goes without saying that Roba is a really amazing man, and we’re excited to have purchased some of the coffee from his farm in Ethiopia. This year we’ve begun discussing Utopian partnering with Roba more in the future, and this coffee is just a little taste of what’s to come.

In the cup expect a comfortably-complex range of flavors reminiscent of a classic Guji coffee: delicious cocoa tones with fruitiness akin to honeydew melon. 

Processing: Sundried Natural

Varieties: Heirloom Ethiopian / 7411

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Peru – Elmer and Leyla Guevara

Elmer Guevara is a 4th generation coffee farmer who owns multiple coffee farms near the towns of Viste Alegre and Bomboco in San Ignacio, Cajamarca.  A few years ago Elmer heard about Origin Coffee Lab, a green-coffee exporting company located in the nearby city of Jaen. Rumor had it that Origin Coffee Lab was paying farmers higher premium prices for their coffees. After discussing the opportunity with his wife, Leyla, who helps run daily farm operations, Elmer decided to go to Jaen and spoke with Alex and Jose who own and operate Origin Coffee Lab. Eventually, Elmer decided to turn in just a handful of coffees from his 2017 crop to Origin Coffee Lab, and as a result he saw higher premium payments than ever before. The following year Elmer and Leyla turned in even more coffee and even decided to help other coffee farmers in their town to turn in their coffees to Origin Coffee Lab. Since then, Elmer and Layla have increased the amount of high-quality specialty coffee they are producing, and have even become ambassadors to their community about how producing specialty coffee can improve quality of life.

Origin Coffee Lab is making waves in the coffee industry by giving visibility to the some of the highest quality coffee growing around Cajamarca. Just a few short months ago we featured a coffee from Laurel which is one of the growing communities Origin Coffee Lab has invested in, and we’re excited to take another step with them by highlighting this single farmer lot selection.

In the cup expect soft floral aromas with flavors of forest-berries and caramel candy-sweetness paired with lingering flavors of apple-tart. This coffee is nuanced and complex and remains the best Peruvian coffee we’ve tasted thus far. 

Processing – Fully Washed and Fermented for around 22 hours

Varieties – Bourbon and Catuai (The first two varieties are some of the oldest varieties of coffee in the world which are becoming more and more rare as these plants die from disease – Catuai is a relatively newer variety originally developed in Brazil as a replacement for Bourbon, but this plant too is largely being replaced due to disease)

Harvest – July-September 2019

Altitude – 2040 Meters Above Sea Level

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