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Uganda Kapchorwa
Uganda – Kapchurwa Community

Uganda is a really unique coffee origin. Most of the varieties growing in Uganda originated in neighboring Kenya where they were replanted and eventually transformed in the unique micro climate of Mt. Elgon, where coffee farmers found perfect elevations to grow specialty coffee. This lot in particular comes from the Sebei tribe who until recently were having their coffees blended in with their neighbor’s coffee because of ethnic divides and prejudices. Luckily over the last several years our sourcing partners have successfully managed to separate the high-quality lots produced by the Sebei from their neighbors, ensuring the farmers receive high payments for their diligent work.

This coffee is tasting balanced and approachable with tones of chocolate, citrus, and mild ginger that makes for both a complex and comforting cup.

Impact: Market access for farmers has increased recognition and increased production and income

Additional Information:

Processing – Fully Washed and Fermented 12-24 hours

Varieties – SL-14 SL-28

Harvest – Spring 2019

Farmers – 997 farmers from the Kapchurwa Community

Altitude – 1600-2100 Meters Above Sea Level resulting in balanced and nuanced flavors

Brazil – Edson Tamekuni Microlot

Brazil is the largest coffee-producing nation in the world. Last year Brazil produced more than 39 million bags of coffee… aka a lot. This being said, finding truly high-quality specialty coffee in Brazil can be difficult. Most of the coffee produced in Brazil comes from massive estates that focus on quantity rather than quality, so to find coffee which truly excels is a challenge. Despite this, there are young farmers who’ve tasted amazing specialty coffee and want to focus on quality first and foremost. Edson Tamekuni is a second-generation coffee farmer who’s made this transition from commodity-grade coffee cultivation to growing specialty coffee. By overseeing all the inputs, each and every step of the processing, Edson ensures his coffee tastes amazing and reaches the quality standards he hopes to achieve. Because of his diligent work, Edson has received several awards including placing in the 2017 Cup of Excellence, which has gained him and his farm worldwide recognition.

Edson’s coffee is rich and smooth with flavors of peanut-butter and honey-grahams that makes for genuinely intriguing and simple cup. 

Impact: Advancing the specialty industry in Brazil by bringing high quality arabica to the global market

Additional Information: Advancing the specialty industry in Brazil by bringing high quality Arabic to the global market

Processing – Sundried Natural (Fermentation in Cherry)

Varieties – Red and Yellow Catuai and Mundo Novo

Harvest – Summer/Fall 2019

Farmers – 997 farmers from the Kapchorwa Community

Altitude – 1150 Meters Above Sea Level


Ethiopia – Duromina

Farmers from the Djimma (Jimma) region of Ethiopia were being paid far too little for their outstanding quality coffee. In one of our blogs we covered several major issues farmers have to overcome to get us high-quality specialty coffee, and one of those was market access. Farmers in Jimma were being exploited because of their remote location and inability to reach other communities because of a river which seasonally flooded, leaving the community in a the cycle of poverty.

With the help of TechnoServe, a Washington D.C. based nonprofit organization, the farmers in this region were given the tools to properly care for their coffee and process it to the highest standards of specialty coffee. The result was a coffee that is now sought after by roasters around the world. Within one year the cooperative of farmers was able to pay back their loans for the equipment, instead of the planned four years.

Duromina, which translates to “make us rich” or “improve our lives,” is the name of the washing station which now processes the local farmer’s ripe coffee cherries. Since the establishment of the washing station, farmers in this region of Ethiopia have seen a major increase in prices paid for their coffees, and with this they’ve built bridges to connect their once-remote community to other villages which has allowed for new work and educational opportunities as well as medical assistance. We’re exceptionally excited to be offering this coffee for a very limited time to our subscribers!

This coffee is bright and lively with flavors of Peach and Lemon with aromas of fresh Bergamot. This coffee is truly outstanding and well-represents the quality coming out of Ethiopia, and the potential that farmers have to produce high-quality specialty coffee when given the correct tools and training.

Impact: Investment in coffee processing infrastructure is transforming a once isolated community.

Additional Information:

Processing – Fully Washed

Varieties – Local Ethiopian Landraces

Harvest – Spring 2019

Farmers – Local Farmers Associated with the Duromina Cooperative and Processing Station

Altitude – 1900-2100 Meters Above Sea Level