Fuel your organization with better coffee for a better world.

Build a dedicated, motivated organization with Utopian Coffee.

Our bulk Church/Office Coffee and Remote Workforce Subscription programs offer excellent volume discounts that will keep your company connected and caffeinated. 

Why Utopian?

We strive to be the most impactful coffee roaster, pound-for-pound. Your choice to serve ethically sourced coffee from a mission-based company is a reflection of your values, and will resonate with your teams.

Our Promise.

Every coffee we source, roast, and serve is ethically sourced and scrutinized for top quality. We work every day to better define the balance of impact and quality.

Church and Office Coffee

Utopian also offers an array of corporate coffee services, including equipment consultation, installation, training, private labeling, and corporate gifting.

If you’re ready to fuel your team or simply want a few more details, complete this form and a rep will be in touch within 48hrs.

What is a Remote Workforce Subscription?

Utopian’s corporate subscription program allows companies to send recurring coffee shipments to their remote workforce at significantly reduced rates.

  • Subscriptions are billed and managed by a single corporate account.
  • Changes can be made to quantity, coffee selected, grind level, and shipment frequency by request at any time.
  • Subscriptions can be added or cancelled at any time to a corporate account.
  • If enrolled in the Roaster’s Choice subscription plan (see plans below), your team has access to digital Q&A’s with a coffee expert. This includes home brew tips and expert led coffee tastings.


Roaster’s Choice is our most popular monthly rotating selection of single-origin and limited release blends from around the world. All coffees are in an approachable light/medium to medium/dark range.

Pearl Blend is our signature light roast blend, featuring lively notes of fruit and milk chocolate.

Union is our best-selling medium roast crowd-pleaser, featuring smooth flavors of chocolate, praline, and mild citrus.

Obsidian is our darkest roast blend. It’s the perfect choice for those who enjoy a more robust, deep coffee.

Seasonal Decaf rotates seasonally. We only source coffees that are decaffeinated using chemical-free, natural processes.