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Autumn Blend


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Producer: 8 Familes and Banexport, as well as the Villatoro Family
Roast Level: Medium/Light
Process: Dry and Fully Washed
Variety: Castillo, Colombia, F6, Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai


Expect a comforting and cosy cup with flavors reminicent of berry pie and hot chocolate



We’re excited to announce the return of our yearly Autumn Blend. This coffee comes just as the weather is beginning to cool throughout the midwest, which has us all thinking about cozy sweaters, fresh-baked pies, and the changing foliage. Continuing the tradition of the past three years our 2020 Autumn Blend features both a washed and a dry-processed coffee. The result of this pairing is the perfect balance of flavors. The washed coffee brings tones of toasted hazelnuts, rich chocolate, baking spices while the dry-processed coffee brings soft fruity flavors and aromas of chocolate and wildflowers. The pairing of these two amazing coffees leads to deep and comforting tones of berry pie and smooth hot chocolate. This coffee is the perfect companion to the midwestern “sweater weather.” This blend will impress a variety of flavorful expressions akin to the patchwork of autumnal hues found in the midwestern forests.

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