In the past, Brazilian coffees have not been known for their quality, but rather the quantity. In 2016 alone, Brazil managed to export nearly 6 million pounds of raw coffee. Unfortunately, most of this coffee has remained lackluster and unimpressive in flavor.

When we tasted this coffee from Fazenda Santa Ines, we knew we had come across something different than the typical Brazilian coffee. Our team was amazed by the rich chocolate tones and flavorful berry notes that permeate every sip.

Beginning in 1979, the Pereira family took over coffee production at Fazenda Santa Ines. During this time, the entire Carmo de Minas region of Brazil was experiencing quality troubles that inevitably led to lower quality coffee.  The Pereira family took this opportunity to begin making changes on their farm by hiring professionals to aid in improving quality. Since then, Fazenda Santa Ines has invested in new farming techniques and processing methods, as well as utalizing new technology.

These changes eventually led to Fazenda Santa Ines to produce a coffee which broke the world Cup of Excellence record in 2005, scoring a whopping 95.8 points.

This coffee ultimately demonstrates the outstanding potential that coffees from all origins have! We hope you too can enjoy the subtle complexity and uniqueness of this fantastic Brazilian coffee.


Notes of Chocolate, Berries, and a Velvety Mouthfeel

Farm: Fazenda Santa Ines

Country: Brazil

Region: Carmo de Minas

Altitude: 900-1050

Processing Method: Natural (Sundried)

Varietal: Yellow Bourbon