Burundi Gishubi

Burundi Gishubi


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For several decades Burundi has suffered tremendously from internal strife and warfare, following the trend experienced by many African nations post-imperialism. For the coffee farmers located in the Kayazana district, located close to the border with Rwanda, this meant abandoning their farms and homes when wars intensified. The story is simple and unfortunately too frequently the case… coffee producers come back to their homes destroyed and have to rebuild life from the ground up. With international coffee prices stagnating, producers had no choice but to live in destitution and accept the extremely low prices for their crop each year.

At Utopian we are dedicated to interrupting this cycle of poverty and introducing genuine opportunities for economic and social growth with coffee at the center. Our friends at the Long Miles project built coffee-processing stations in the heart of Kayazana with dreams of truly improving the standard of living for coffee farmers. By both introducing sustainable practices and recording vast amounts of information regarding specific coffee producers and the unique microclimates where their coffee grows, Long Miles have been able to pay farmers more than three times what the government is paying producers on average. Team members of the Long Miles project have genuinely invested in small coffee-producing communities, and the results speak for themselves! World-class coffee and the stories of these producers overcoming huge obstacles is reaching roasters and retailers around the world. We are happy to support Long Miles and ultimately the transformation of communities through specialty coffee. 


In the cup, expect tones of lush plums, juicy raspberry and blackberry, followed by an long sweet finish. This cup is dense, complex, and displays extraordinary nuances that are sure to stimulate all the senses. 

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Origin: Burundi

Region: Gishubi Farm, Kayazana 

Producer: Various Small Farmholders associated with the Long Miles project

Varieties: Bourbon

Altitude: 2210 Meters Above Sea Level

Processing Method: Fully Washed and Dried on Raised African Beds at Heza Washing Station 


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