Burundi Gitwe 5


Juicy Apple and Floral Tea, Lemon and Stonefruit

Roast: Light
Producer: Multiple Smallholders
Region: Gitwe, Nkonge and Muatana Hills, Heza Washing Station, Kayazana Province
Process: Anaerobic Honey Processed
Variety: Bourbon Landraces


This one-of-a-kind selection features coffee from the Gitwe Hill, or village. Attributable to its anaerobic honey processing, we’re experiencing a deep juiciness with citric apple, stone fruit flavors, and a floral finish. Frankly, we were darn lucky to get our hands on a single bag this year.

This coffee was sourced through our new partnership with Long Miles Coffee Project, which was founded in 2011 by Ben and Christy Carlson. For a decade, they’ve invested heavily in the development of a farmer-driven production model that measurably improves the lives of the Burundian coffee farmers they work with. For more information on the Long Miles Coffee Project, and its approach to creating an equitable, sustainable coffee industry in Burundi, check out our latest blog post


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