Burundi Heza Peaberry


blueberries and chocolate syrup. intense.

Roast: Light
Producer: Multiple Smallholders
Region: Gitwe, Nkonge and Muatana Hills, Heza Washing Station, Kayazana Province
Process: Fully Washed
Variety: Bourbon Landraces


One of two offerings we are honored to feature from our new partners at the Long Miles Coffee Project. This Heza Peaberry microlot consists exclusively of peaberries, aka, smaller seeds that tend to be either rejected or blended out of existence. This separation of peaberries into a distinct microlot creates a flavor profile that’s not only decadent, but distinguishable from any selection you’ll find from Burundi. In the cup, we’re tasting intense blueberry and rich chocolate flavors with electric lemon and ginger-like acidity. 

Ben and Christy Carlson founded the Long Miles Coffee Project in 2011 as a vehicle for addressing systemic issues in the Burundian coffee sector. Long Miles has invested heavily in alternative models of agriculture, processing, export, and finance over the last decade, with great results. Expanding from 50 farmers at their inception to the 5,500 farmers now working with the Project, Long Miles has helped unlock beautiful coffee from this unique East African country. To learn more about Long Miles and the two coffees we are featuring from them this spring, check out our latest blog post.

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