Yunnan Coffee Traders works directly with smallholder coffee farmers in the Yunnan region of China. While relatively new to growing and processing specialty coffee, farmers in this region have made great strides to ensure quality and consistency each year, improving and refining their processes along the way. Tim Heinze and his team are committed to “creating opportunities for Yunnan farmers to engage in sustainable production practices, employing industry best-practices for sourcing, processing, wholesaling, and exporting coffees.

“Supplying coffee to importers and roasters who care about sustainability, traceability, and transparency…” is Tim’s goal, and the result of his team’s work with Chinese producers can be found in every cup – simple and harmonious flavors rooted in genuine social change.


In the cup, we taste soft tones of dried fruits and toffee amongst a background of chocolate and oak. This is a beautiful medium-roast coffee with a lot of character and a unique terroir we’ve only found in Yunnan.