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From their farms, to our roastery, to your door.

We’re on a mission to build long-term, equitable relationships with farmers growing incredible coffee around the world. Join us learning and telling the story of each coffee and the people behind it.

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  • Experience incredible coffee that changes lives. Stop choosing between coffee that tastes good and coffee that does good.
  • Go with a signature blend or let us thrill you with new Roaster’s Choice coffees each month
  • All orders ship within 2 business days (shipping based on address and calculated at checkout; charges monthly for all subscriptions including pre-paid, if you’d like to pay all shipping up-front just let us know)
  • Subscriptions can be modified at any time (coffees selected, quantity, frequency, grind)

If you’d like a bag quantity or frequency not available in above options, send us a message and we will custom build a subscription for you. All subscriptions can be modified at any time, and pay-as-you-go subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Shipping is calculated at checkout.


   Subscription Coffee Options

Roaster’s Choice is a selection of subscription-exclusive coffees featuring the amazing work of our relationship partners around the world. These subscriptions include a monthly rotating selection of single-origin and limited release blend coffees. You (or your gift recipient) will travel the world with each shipment — we featured different 14 origin countries in our 2020 rotation! Multi-bag shipments will get two coffees each month. All coffees are in an approachable light/medium to medium/dark range.

Pearl Blend, our signature light roast blend, features lively notes of fruit and milk chocolate.

Union is a medium roast crowd pleaser, and it’s easy to understand why. You’ll find consistent, smooth flavors of chocolate, praline, and mild citrus that make this coffee a perfect everyday choice. Union is a great first shipment choice for gifts or those unsure of what they like!

Obsidian, our dark roast blend, is a perfect choice for those who enjoy a more robust, deep coffee. This coffee tastes of dark chocolate and caramel, without the bitter ashy character you’ll find in other dark roast coffees.

Decaf coffees rotate seasonally. We only source coffees decaffeinated using natural processes, without the use of inorganic chemicals. Learn more about our current decaf coffee by clicking here.