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Colombia Fernando Realpe


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This coffee comes from our ongoing Cocaine to Coffee project in the Cauca Valley region of Colombia. Farmers are providing stability and dignity for their families by transitioning from coca to coffee production. Learn more here.

Region: Cauca, Colombia
Producer: Fernando Realpe
Roast Level: Light
Process: Washed
Variety: Castillo


In the cup, expect nuanced and dynamic flavors of Hazelnut and Orange Marmalade, and Demarara Sugar


Fernando Realpe is one of the partner-farmers we work with in Miranda Cauca, supporting his transition from growing coca to coffee. From the very beginning, Fernando’s coffee stood out during each tasting session. His coffees tended to be brighter, more acidic, and fruitier than the other farmers. While we still don’t know much about his farming operations, what we do know is that Fernando is on the right track. This year his coffee reminds us of decedent hazelnuts and orange marmalade, with a lingering sweetness akin to demerara sugar. We’re excited to work with Fernando in the future to improve his coffees further and support him in his growth.

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