Farmers in the Buseco region of Narino, Colombia are familiar with struggle. Only a decade ago, most of the crops being grown were either poppy or coca, both which were sold to rebel groups for narcotic production. Luckily, as the rebel groups were forced out of the Buseco region, the local producers had the opportunity to leave the illegal drug trade and grow specialty coffee instead.

A decade later, these farmers are producing absolutely wonderful coffees. Thanks to our sourcing partners at Atlantic Specialty, the farmers of the La Loma community are paid premiums for their quality coffees. We’re proud to support farmers who’ve overcome such hardships and yet continue to produce outstanding coffees. The purchase of this coffee helps provide sustainable incomes for these farmers which leads to financial investment in their families, farms, and community.

The La Loma community blend consists of several varieties including Caturra, Catuai, and Castillo. Farmers pick only the ripest cherries to contribute to this community blend. All the coffees are fully washed and fermented for up to 36 hours, contributing to a distinct fruitiness in the final cup. After the coffee is washed it is then dried on parabolic beds for up to 14 days.


In the cup, expect balanced flavors of dark chocolate and mild citrus fruits with a full mouthfeel and soft tropical-fruit finish.