This fresh-harvest Colombian offering hails from the world-renowned Narino region. Unlike many of the Colombian growing regions, Narino’s dynamic climate and unique terroir create consistently outstanding and delicious coffees, and the La Union cooperative is anything but an exception. This Regional Select Community Lot represents the work of 16 individual farmers who are continually pushing quality and excellence at every-level, while also being compensated fairly for their labor. This partnership continues to yield stunning coffee year-to-year, and this year’s lot perfectly embodies the microclimate found in Narino, and accentuated by the farmer’s diligent care for each and every plant.

In the cup, we taste a smooth and heavy body with caramel sweetness, as well juiciness and crisp acidity akin to honeycrisp apple. 

Farm: 10 Farmers of the FUNDAM Cooperative

Country: Colombia

Region: Narino, La Union Municipality

Altitude: 1650-1660 Meters Above Sea Level

Processing Method: Fully Washed

Cultivar: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia