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Colombia Miranda Community


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This coffee comes from our ongoing Cocaine to Coffee project in the Cauca Valley region of Colombia. Farmers are providing stability and dignity for their families by transitioning from coca to coffee production. Learn more here.

Region: Cauca, Colombia
Producer: Miranda community farmers
Roast Level: Medium
Process: Washed
Variety: Castillo


In the cup expect notes of pecan and brown sugar with a balanced profile.


A shining culmination of years of hard work at all levels, we’re very excited to have brought together a blended lot (selection of coffee containing crops from multiple farmers) of exceptional coffees from over 30 producers near the town of Miranda in Cauca, Colombia. We’ve given this coffee a medium roast level to highlight the unique characteristics of the Castillo variety from this region.

This is our first blended lot release of the 2019 harvest from our producer partners. Every single farmer who contributed to this lot used to grow coca for cocaine production and now grow coffee, instead. They are making higher wages than they received while growing coca and are slowly freeing their homes and valleys from the presence of fear and bloodshed that came with the cocaine industry.

When you drink these coffees, you are contributing directly to the continued eradication of coca trees. Our project partners in Cauca are continuing to provide support for more than 500 producers in the region who have replaced their coca plants with coffee, and more join the movement every year. When you drink these coffees, you are helping us to make better coffee for a better world.

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