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Colombia Mireya Espinosa


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Region: Cauca, Colombia
Producer: Mireya Espinosa
Roast Level: Light-Medium
Process: Washed
Variety: Castillo


In the cup, expect flavors of cooked peach, red apple, juicy and sugary


We cupped many lots from our partner farmers in Cauca, Colombia during the 2019 harvest. Mireya Espinosa’s coffee consistently impressed us with lots of fruity flavors reminiscent of apples and peaches and a long-lasting finish of raw cane sugar sweetness. On her farm, Mireya works primarily with the Castillo variety of coffee plant.

Castillo was introduced to farmers by the Colombian government to fight the coffee killing disease “coffee leaf rust,” or La Roya. The disease effectively destroys the leaves of coffee plants, eventually killing the tree and resulting in farmers losing entire harvests. With La Roya at bay, farmers like Mireya can focus on producing high-quality specialty coffee year after year, and her hard work shines bright in this coffee.

Mireya is one of the many farmers we work with in Cauca who have switched from growing coca, which is used for the production of cocaine, to coffee. We supported her this year by purchasing several hundred pounds from her farm, which is approximately 1 hectare. This year we’re working to provide better educational support for our Colombian producer partners, to help Mireya and her neighbors further improve the quality of the product (and earn higher premiums as a result).

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