Colombia Monteredondo (Direct Trade)

Colombia Monteredondo (Direct Trade)


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This coffee from the Cauca region of Colombia is more than just an excellent coffee…it is saving lives. These farmers were once growing coca (cocaine), involved in a dangerous and illicit trade, and they have now converted their farms to produce world-class coffee. In the process, their families and communities have been restored and together, WE (you and Utopian) are providing sustainability for them to provide for their families in a positive way. So, from both us at Utopian and on behalf of the farmers in this region, THANK YOU!

• Each Bag is 12 oz. of fresh roasted coffee

Complex, pomegranate and caramel

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Due to overwhelming response, we’ve ran out of the previous year’s crop. We’re expecting this year’s crop to arrive in January-February 2018.

Our Colombia Monteredondo coffee embodies why Utopian Coffee exists–to impact lives at origin.
This coffee is grown deep in coca (cocaine) country in Colombia, by former coca (cocaine) farmers. Through your purchases, you have helped provide these farmers a far better and more stable life by:

  1. Getting them out of a dangerous and illicit trade.
  2. Paying farmers an above-commidity price for your product
  3. Teaching the farmers how to grow and produce high-quality, specialty-grade coffee, thus providing the farmers with a truly sustainable life.

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