Decaf Colombia Tablon de Gomez


Citrus and Brown Sugar, Rich and Sweet

Roast: Tablon De Gomez, Narino Department
Producer: Multiple Smallholders
Region: Tablon De Gomez, Narino Department
Process: Washed, Sugarcane Process Decaffeinated
Variety: Caturra, Variedad Colombia, Castillo


Decaffeinated coffees have a bad rap. More often than not, decaf coffees are the result of the lower-quality coffees from the harvest that is leftover and then processed to become decaffeinated. Like with everything we do at Utopian, we seek to reject these low standards and seek out Decaffeinated coffees that are truly just as delicious as their fully-caffeinated counterparts. This decaf coffee comes to us from the Tablon de Gomez region of Narino, Colombia. This region is just beginning to gain recognition for its coffee-producing capabilities. Most producers in this area are either parts of indigenous people groups, or they are producers who have recently returned to their farms after years of violence from rebel groups. This particular coffee is a selection from several producers who’s coffees taste absolutely wonderful before the decaffeination process. Using a E.A. Sugarcane method of decaffeination preserves the unique and delicious flavors of this coffee. The result is an absolutely phenomenal cup of decaf that tastes just as good as regular full-caffeine coffee. We’re really enjoying the rich flavors we get in each cup of this coffee, and we’re proud to support the smallholder producers in Tablon de Gomez who are producing excellent quality coffees.

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