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Ethiopia Bookisa


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Region: Guji Zone , Oddo Shakisso Woreda, Hangadhi Kebele, Ethiopia
Producer: Ture Waji and Local Smallholder Producers
Roast Level: Light
Process: Sundried Natural
Variety: JARC Selections 74110 and 74112 along with local landraces


In the cup, expect tones of delicate fruit tones reminiscent of figs and dates, with lingering flavors of bay leaves and berries. This coffee could be described as a mixture between rustic fruit and spice characteristics while remaining exceptionally sweet and complex. 


Ture Waji is a coffee producer and farm-manager in Ethiopia’s notorious Guji Zone. Less than a decade ago, coffees from the Guji Zone were either labeled and sold under the general region, Sidamo, or secretly moved across to neighboring Yirgacheffe and sold as such. More recently, Guji has gained recognition as a completely unique sub-region worthy of its own identification. A few years ago, Ture was managing the Guji Highlands Plantation, a company instrumental in bringing visibility to Guji coffees, and since then has started his own company, Dambi Uddo. Ture’s forward-thinking approach to coffee has garnered international attention, and for good reason! All of the lots Ture has produced are remarkably complex and dense with character. In the Bookisa lot, we taste fruited tones of figs and blackberries with herbal tones of bay leaves. This mysterious and brooding coffee has us dreaming of the sun setting over a lagoon in the Caribbean, cocktail in hand listening to King Tubby and Augustus Pablo.

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