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Ethiopia Genji Challa


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Region: Gera, Jimma, Ethiopia
Producer: 720 Producers Associated with Genji Challa Washing Station
Roast Level: Light
Process: Fully Washed
Variety: Local Landraces


Expect a vibrant and refreshing cup with notes of peach and citrus fruits.


Beginning in 2008, the Washington D.C. based non-profit organization Technoserve began a journey to aid struggling coffee producers across East Africa by establishing washing stations in rural coffee-producing villages. These washing stations act as centralized locations for coffee-cherry collection and processing, two integral steps in adding value to the supply chain for smallholder producers. The results speak for themselves: producers paid more for their cherries, improved infrastructure in villages with washing stations, and higher quality coffee in the final cup. Genji Challa is the little-sister to the Nano Challa station, which has gained worldwide recognition for outstanding quality. Like its sister, Genji Challa is providing more than 600 smallholder producers with access to agricultural inputs and centralized cherry-collection, again, both of which help get more money into the hands of these producers. Lastly, Genji Challa, Nano Challa, and several of the other Technoserve-established washing stations make up the Kata Munga Cooperative Union, which provides administrative leadership for the smaller washing station cooperatives. Kata Munga not only focuses on getting more money in the hands of farmers, but they also invest profits made from the sales of coffee in resources such as education and clean water in the villages, resulting in an overall improvement in the quality of life! We believe this reinvestment in producers results in the best coffee, and the proof is in the cup: vibrant citrus and stone fruits reminiscent of white peach and lime. This coffee makes for a supremely refreshing cup and reminds us of our favorite summer days on the beach.

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