Ethiopia: Giday “Ollie” Behre

Ethiopia: Giday “Ollie” Behre


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The Limmu Kossa farm is located in the south-western corner of the Limu Zone, situated within the Djimma (Jimma) region of Ethiopia. Founded in 2000 by Giday Behre, who now owns and operates two ecologically friendly wet mills and one eco-mill equiped to process both washed and dry coffee. His farm employs over 500 workers, non of which are migrant or transitory. Rather, Giday hires members of his village and community, supporting them not only through sustainable year-round work, but also through social projects. Giday continually aids in funding the construction of schools and roads, as well as making subsidized goods available to all in the surrounding villages. His reputation as a benefactor and leader of his community earned him the nickname “Ollie,” meaning “One Who Uplifts” in the local language.

In the cup, expect dense tones of apricot with hibiscus tones on both the nose and palate. 

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Limu

Farm: Limmu Kossa

Variety: Various Ethiopia Heirloom Varietals

Altitude: 1900 – 2000 m

Processing Method: Washed

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Fun Fact: Heirloom Ethiopian beans are highly valued and sought after by professionals in the coffee industry. Like other heirloom plants (such as fruits and vegetables), heirloom simply means a cultivar that has been carefully perserved and whose genetical makeup is pure. Simply put, heirloom Ethiopian coffee grows wild, and each village has their own heirloom coffee trees. This means each village’s trees provide exceptionally unique flavors which reflect the distinct environment from which they came. While many other countries are able to provide some sort of heirloom coffee, Ethiopia, being the oldest coffee-producing nation in the world as well as first place in the world coffee ever grew (at least as far as we know) gives these beans an exceptionally complex flavor profile.

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