In February the Utopian team met Ture Waji, former manager of Guji Highlands who has now begun his own company: Dambi Uddo. Ture is a forward-thinking coffee farmer who’s not only producing absolutely outstanding lots, but also working toward environmental sustainability by planting new trees as well as producing only organic coffees. This means no pesticides or chemicals which can damage the land were used. Additionally, Ture is working to identify the varieties growing Guji. This lots happens to contain Serto, one of the most common Ethiopian varieties available.

This lot is all-natural, and the you can taste it in the cup. Like the Sewana coffee, Korommi is tasting extremely bright, juicy, and fruity. Ture’s meticulous sorting and processing has resulted in one of the cleanest and most consistent dry-processed coffees we’ve tasted!

In the cup, expect dense dark chocolate flavors paired with lively fruity tones of berries and melons with a signature floral finish.