Ethiopia Sewana

Ethiopia Sewana


Ethiopia is recognized as the homeland of coffee itself. Thousands upon thousands of years ago, someone somehow came across the coffee cherries, and discovered that cooking the seeds weren’t great for eating, but perfect for drinking. While the mystery surrounding coffee’s origins remain, there is no mystery when it comes to the outstanding quality of coffee from Ethiopia. For many coffee-lovers, it was a cup of Ethiopian coffee that began their journey into the caffeinated seed-juice. 

In February, Brendon traveled to the homeland of coffee to visit the Moramora Coffee Plantation.  There he met with Ture Waji, the Plantation Manager who oversees the coffee production. While there he also met with several families who contribute their coffee to the different washing stations spread throughout the region. Encouraged by their stories and lives, Brendon came back to the US with a plan to support these families by purchasing coffee from Moramora. 

The Sewana is the first lot we’re bringing in and it’s absolutely outstanding. In the cup we’re tasting loads of fruit tones ranging from blackberry to mango, guava and pineapple, paired with lingering tones of honey and jasmine. This lot speaks to the classic tones of Ethiopia while representing the specific complexities of the Guji region.


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Farm: Various Farmers Associated with Moramora Coffee / Sewana Station

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Shakiso, Guji Zone, Sewana

Altitude: 2000-2150 MASL

Processing Method: Sundried (Natural / Fermentation in Cherry)

Cultivar: Heirloom Varieties

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