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Ethiopia Worka Chelbessa Danche


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Region: Gedeb, Gedeo Zone, “Yirgacheffe” Region
Producer: SNAP Specialty Coffees and Danche Village
Roast Level: Light
Process: Sundried Natural
Variety: JARC Selections and Local Landraces


Expect an expressive and tropical cup with lots of fruits like honeydew and berries.


Gedeb is a district in the Gedeo Zone, which is one of the southern-most growing areas in all of Ethiopia. Gedeb has some of the highest elevations in the entire country, which has resulted in exceptionally bright and lively coffees that remind us of the ripest citrus and stone fruits. This particular selection comes from the Danche Village, which is a small sub-village outside of the larger Worka Chelbessa community. The result of the separation and selection is pure-bliss in a cup. Like coffees traditionally from “Yirgacheffe” the Danche selection displays stone fruit flavors while also displaying some of the most distinctive flavors we’ve come across. Because of the dry-process fermentation, this coffee reveals a deeply textured mouthfeel with a wide variety of fruited tones, ranging from stone fruits to bright berries and even tropical fruits.

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