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Hario V60 Plastic Dripper


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“The Hario V60 is my favorite way to brew coffee. I’ve owned several V60’s and use them every day in the roastery to taste the coffees I roast. To me, there’s no better brewing device.”  – Roaster Nick

The Hario V60 has long been considered the premier coffee dripper, and for good reason. The V60 provides a consistent brewing experience that’s unrivaled and unparalleled. The V60 paired with the Baratza Encore is the perfect pair you’re to upgrade your home-brewing experience and get the most from your coffee.

Basic V60 Recipe: 

20 grams coffee – ground medium/fine (table salt size)

330 grams water – always use filtered water with temperature off-boil (207-210 f)

First Pour: 60 grams water – allow to sit for 30-40 seconds – stir during this time

Second Pour: Pour another 150 grams water – finish pouring at 1 minute

Third / Final Pour: Pour last 110 grams water-  finish pouring at 1:45

Total brew time: 2:45-3:30

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The classic pourover brewing cone from the award-winning Japanese company Hario. This version is plastic. We love the plastic cone because they have great thermal retention to keep your brewing bed hotter during the brew cycle. They’re also more difficult to break, which makes them a great travel companion (or if you have small kids at home).  Be sure to pair this with some 02 size Hario filters!
For brewing recipes and help, please check out our V60 Video on our youtube channel!