Honduras Oscar Nunez


red grapes & macadamia cookie. satisfying.

Roast: Medium-Light
Producer: Oscar Nunez
Region: El Plantel Village, Yorito Muncipality, Yoro Department, Honduras
Process: Washed
Variety: Cataui



Last year many coffee roasting companies experienced significant demand slumps due to COVID, and in many cases adjusted their purchase orders from individual producers. Oscar Nunez is one producer whose primary buyer fell through due to COVID. Oscar found himself in a precarious position with no clear escape route. Like so many of us have experienced first-hand or have been reminded of through stories, extraordinary relationships are sometimes the only beam of hope in such difficult times. 

Benjamin Paz, a long-time coffee expert located in Honduras and a close friend of Oscar, decided to take action, founding Bonaventure Coffee Project to find new homes for coffees that were suddenly without buyers. For farmers like Oscar, this new bridge quite literally saved their livelihoods. On the other end of the supply chain, roasters like us got a chance to purchase and share some incredible coffee.

Through Bonaventure, we got a chance to taste Oscar’s 100% Catuai variety microlot and were blown away by the quality. True to Honduran terroir, this coffee exhibits intense caramel and chocolate flavors with a distinct nuttiness reminiscent of macadamia, all enveloped in a bright and beautiful lime-like acidity! What’s truly hard to believe is that this is only Oscar’s second year producing micro-lot quality coffee. We are honored to be working with Bonaventure, Benjamin Paz, and Oscar Nunez this year, and plan to do so in years to come as well. We haven’t sourced extensively from Honduras in the past, and this single variety selection from Oscar marks the beginning of a new chapter in our Latin American sourcing goals.

We hope you enjoy this coffee as much as we do; to learn more about Bonaventure and Oscar, check out our blog.

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