Kenya Kevote Peaberry

Kenya Kevote Peaberry


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The Kevote Factory was founded in 1957 with about 100 local farmers. The cooperative has grown and now has over 4000 associated farmers, as well as 3 wet mills where coffee is processed. The cooperative is located 150km north of Nairobi on the slopes of Mount Kenya. Becuause of it’s unique microclimate and red-volcanic soils, the coffee produced by Kevote represents the exceptionally high-quality Kenya is known for. Classically, Kenyan coffees are known for high acidity and full-bodied mouthfeel with intense sweetness, usually highlighted by red fruits and some savory aspects, such as ripe tomato. In this unique lot we still found the exceptionally high acidity, sweetness, and body but rather than classic flavor notes, we found dazzeling blackberries and fresh lemon all situated within an overall exotic fruity profile. The icing on the cake was the oustanding floral flavors and aromatics which reminded us of white flowers and jasmine, notes atypical to classic Kenyan coffees. We’re very proud to be working with a coffee of such high-caliber!

In the cup, expect straightforward fruit tones of lively lemons and dense blackberries with delicate floral aromatics and flavors. This coffee is exceptionally complex, sweet, and dense with flavor! 


Roaster Notes: Kenya, the Crowned Jewel

If you were to ask me to tell you all about Kenyan coffee, I’d have to start by saying it is the crowned jewel of East Africans coffees, second to none. It shares this royal position with its neighbor Ethiopia, which despite their proximity completely differ on nearly ever level as far as cup profile goes…

Kenyans are known for two things: Acidity and Body. In a high-quality Kenyan, the coffee’s body will fill your entire palate, followed by a roaring acidity that is both sweet, clean, and nuanced. Simply put, Kenyans pack a one-two punch with a dramatic flavor profile. Any coffee professional can recognize a Kenya near-instantly when tasting coffees blind; the flavors are too particular to the country to be mistaken.

I have always been skeptical of Kenyan coffees. I understand people love the body and acidity, but let’s be honest, most roasters fail to balance these two flavors with genuine sweetness. I have tasted far too many Kenyans that rekindle memories of school-lunch tomato soups. If you’re anything like me, tomato soup is not how I want my coffee to taste.

It wasn’t until I tasted a Kenya roasted by a company based in the UK that my expectations and assumptions were completely dismantled. This Kenya was so as sweet as it was acidic, as delicate as complex, and as nuanced as straightforward. 

Ever since then I’ve been on a mission to find a Kenyan offering that would give our wholesale partners a similar experience. I’ve cupped over 20 Kenyan coffees this year and only came across two which met my standards. Working closely with a colleague who works in East Africa, I was able to come across this spectacular lot from Embu, Kevote.

This lot brings so much to the table, honestly I can’t say enough good about it! Upon first tasting this coffee I immediately recognized a strong flavor of lemon, not a lemon-like acidity, but more of a lemon hard-candy flavor. This was closely followed by dense fruitiness reminiscent of blackberry and black currants, which lingered on my tongue for minutes after my initial tasting. Lastly, but anything least, I tasted delicate floral flavors which closely resembled Ethiopians I’ve tasted in the past.

This is an extraordinary coffee you do not want to pass up. If you’re a fan of flavor-forward coffees packed with complexity this is the coffee for you. I’m extremely proud we get to work with a coffee of such high caliber.

-Roaster Nick

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