Several years ago roya (coffee leaf rust) broke out across Mexico. The destruction of entire crops devistated entire communities, affectively dissolving cooperatives and farms across the country. These eight farmers from Miramar were able to continue farming and increase overall quality despite the dissolution of their cooperative and loss of organic certification. Oaxacan coffees are suprisingly flavorful and create exceptionally unique flavor profiles in part due to native bourbon and typica varietals, a mixture of large shade trees, and a distinct cold season which help the cherries mature slowly, producing plenty of sugars which are present in the final cup. These farmers continue to press forward despite many challenges, and are currently experimenting with new varietals including the prized gesha. Over the next several years these farmers expect to see their crops double as their farms and community recover from roya. The stroy of these people and their courage despite tremendous challenges is truly moving and displays the resiliance of the human spirit.

Look for notes of Peach Cobbler and Nougat within the well-balanced cup