Mexico Lachao Lot 1


Region: Oaxaca State, Sierra Sur Region, Lachao Muncipality
Producer: 32 Members of UNECAFE COOP
Roast Level: Medium
Process: Fully Washed
Variety: Typica La Pluma


Expect a deep and cozy cup with notes of chocolate brownie, shortbread cookie, and soft tones of citrus and floral-oak in the finish. 


You can’t talk about coffee from Mexico without focusing in on Oaxaca in particular. This state situated in the heart of Mexico produces some of the most dense and delicious flavors we’ve ever tasted. Geographically, Oaxaca is an extremely unique place to grow coffee: two mountain ranges, the Sierra Madre del Sur and Sierra Mixteca merge to form the Sierra Madre Occidental which juts north. This mountain range is home to innumerable coffee producers, growing the mysterious and coveted variety found only in Oaxaca: Typica La Pluma. This type of coffee tree is the result of the original Typica plants, which were brought to Oaxaca more than two hundred years ago, naturally changing and adapting to create an entirely new and unique variety named Pluma after the area it was discovered.

This particular lot comes from the Lachao Municipality of Sierra Sur, and was produced by the UNECAFE (Unidad Ecológica para el Sector Café Oaxaqueño) cooperative. Historically, Oaxacan farmers have not organized into cooperatives, but more and more recently we’ve seen farmers coming together to collectively bargain and protect from “coyotes” or predatory coffee buyers who exploit vulnerable farmers and purchase their coffees at extremely low prices. UNECAFE is led by Joaquin Sanata, who meets monthly with farmers in the cooperative to talk shop and taste coffees together. The cooperative has aggressively pushed organic-only practices for fertilization as well as regular pruning of the coffee trees and investment in growing new trees from seedlings. The result is the best Oaxacan coffee we’ve tasted. In each cup you’ll smell the deep sweet oak and chocolatey tones Typica La Pluma is known for, with a cozy and deep mouthfeel. We taste flavors of Chocolate Brownie and Shortbread Cookie with undertones of raisins, dates, and mild lemon. The result is an exceptionally nuanced and blissful cup that you’ll wish was bottomless more and more with each sip.

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