In recent years, Oaxaca Mexico has garnered interest from coffee professionals throughout the world for outstanding coffees. This becomes a truly amazing feat when considering that less than a decade ago much of coffee production in Oaxaca was halted by the outbreak of coffee-leaf-rust. The rust disease quickly destroyed coffee trees and eventually razed entire farms, leaving the region in utter chaos. While the devastation from coffee-leaf-rust is still reverberating in Oaxaca, a resurgence is taking place within small communities to continue producing high-quality specialty coffee. A small group of 30 producers, San Pedro Yosotatu is one of the communities taking major steps to improving the quality of their coffee, and ultimately the quality of their lives. Led by Madelina Lopez, the farmers of San Pedro Yosotatu are removing weak and vulnerable coffee trees and re-planting entire lots with seedlings from the trees that produce the best-tasting coffee year after year. These are primarily heirloom Typica and Bourbon varieties. Additionally, all the farmers contributing to this lot use organic practices and run small-scale composting facilities, which limits environmental impact and focuses on sustainable change. The outcome of their hard-work is obvious in the cup: delicate fruit tones reminiscent of red grape paired with nuanced flavors of cinnamon and sweet honey.


In the cup, expect lovely flavors of red grapes, paired with cinnamon and honey.