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Mother’s Day Gift Set


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inspired by the poise, warmth, and superb taste that only a mother can possess


For her wedding, my grandmother received over 25 coffee pots. This was before wedding registries were a thing, so naturally, her friends and family thought they were buying the perfect gift for her new home, her new life.

She kept every single one, not only because coffee was an absolute staple while raising five children, but because she believed that, over time, her children and children’s children would be as enthralled with coffee as she was, and might just need a coffee pot.

Well, she was right. The coffee obsession has held true for what is now three generations of the mothers in our family. Every cup of coffee we share reminds us of our graceful matriarch, serving us the perfect cup of coffee in her delicate, hand-painted china.

We hope you share the gift of coffee this Mother’s Day, whether it’s a longstanding tradition or a new interest. This particular blend is well-balanced and pairs beautifully with all of your mom’s go-to recipes. 

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