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Papua New Guinea Baroida Estate Natural


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Region: Baroida Estate, Mount Jabarra Range, Kainantu District, Eastern Highlands
Producer: Colbran Family and Local Smallholder Producers
Roast Level: Light
Process: Sundried Natural
Variety: Typica, Bourbon, Ashura


Watermelon and Dragonfruit, Exotic


The word “Baroida” comes from the Baroida spirit, which local people believe dwells within a large stone in the middle of the Lamari river. Despite many floods, this stone has not moved even an inch, and is a testament to nature’s resilience. In a similar manner, despite the many challenges that come with coffee farming, the Colbran family has remained resilient and now produces some of the highest quality coffee in Papua New Guinea. Ben, his wife Norma, and their three children moved from New Zeland to Papua New Guinea in the 1960s, a period of time where the PNG government was promoting foreign agriculturalists to relocate in order to stimulate the domestic agricultural sector. Ben and the family purchased the Baroida estate from a local man and immediately began planting many different crops. Despite seeing success from growing conventional fruits and vegetables, Ben was ultimately interested in growing coffee. After many years of laboring and working towards his goal, Ben Colbran began to plant coffee and his new company, Colbran Coffeelands, quickly became well known in the industry.

Today, Nichol Colbran, who grew up on the estate and has learned about specialty coffee since his youth, manages and owns the estate. Over the years Nichol has painstakingly adapted his agricultural methods to successfully grow specialty coffee in his unique geographical region which receives heavy continuous rainfall (unlike East Africa, where the Typica and Bourbon seeds originally came from). His meticulous attention to detail translates directly to the cup, where we taste rich and deep tones you can only find in Papua New Guinea. We are so excited to be one of the only roasters in the United States to purchase this dry-processed lot from the Baroida Estate. This may be one of the fruitiest coffees we’ve ever tasted with flavors of watermelon candy, fresh guava, macerated raspberries, and aromas of rose. This is a one of a kind experience, and will only be available for a very limited time.

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