Beginning in 2013, our partners at Sustainable Harvest worked with the Nyampinga  (literally translating to “beautiful women, inside and out”) cooperative to improve quality. Additionally, farmers have improved quality by attending “Sustainable Harvest Premium Sharing Rewards” program, where farmers who attend are given points which then can be used to buy goods from a catalogue the farmers collective created. In this way, farmers are respectfully-incentivised to make improves at the farm level.

The results speak for themselves: when tasting 6 Rwandan coffees side-by-side, Nyampinga stood out for it’s remarkable flavor profile that features classic Rwandan tones such as baking spices and dark fruits, but also highlighted very delicious tones of peach and lime with subtle floral characteristics as well. Coffees like these remind us of some of the best Ethiopian coffees, but with a unique flavor profile we’ve only found in Rwanda.

Expect stunning tones of peach and and bright lime with floral tones reminiscent of orange blossom. This coffee is roasted to a light profile to highlight the exceptional flavors found within!

Farm: Nyampinga Women’s Cooperative

Country: Rwanda

Region: Nyaruguru

Altitude: 1760 Meters Above Sea Level

Processing Method:  Fully Washed

Cultivar: Red Bourbon