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Utopian Direct-Relationship Cupping


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On August 8th Utopian Coffee is hosting a direct-relationship cupping class. During this event we’re going to cover some awesome topics including:

  • Supply Chain – Where does coffee come from and how does it get to us?
  • Roasting – How roasting effects the final flavors of coffee
  • Processing – How different coffee processing methods manipulate bean flavor
  • Tasting – How do we taste / describe coffee
  • Impact – Learn more about our farm-direct relationships and our impact

This class is limited to 15 participants. There is a $10 buy in, but you will leave with both new knowledge regarding coffee, as well as a sampler bag!

We will meet at Utopian Coffee Roastery (222 Pearl Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802) from 5:30-6:30pm on August 8th. 

Out of stock


This class will be led by Utopian’s roaster Nick Brehany.