Utopian Cupping Class

Utopian Cupping Class


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Join us November 1st for our first public cupping class!

Cupping is a method of prepairing and tasting coffee to record its objective qualities. In simpler words, cupping is all about tasting coffee to discover the nunances and flavors of the bean with the least amount of disctractions possible! At Utopian, we are frequently cupping coffees to decide which beans to bring into our roastery.

This class is designed to walk you through putting words to the flavors we taste in coffee, as well as expanding knowledge about green (raw) coffee, how it arrives here, and how flavor is developed long before reaching the roaster.

Roaster Nick will walk you through three different coffees at three roast levels to compare their flavor profiles, and how roasting drastically affects the finished product.

This class is limited to 8 participants. There is a $10 buy in, but you will leave with both new knowledge regarding coffee, as well as a sampler bag of your favorite coffee tasted! 

We will meet at Utopian Coffee Roastery (222 Pearl Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802) from 5:30-6:30pm. 

In stock


This course will cover:

Where coffee comes from

Basics of processing methods, cultivars, and their affect on flavor

Roasting and its affects on flavor

How to describe tastes you find in coffee

Our Roaster Nick Brehany is facilitating this class. Before beginning as roaster for Utopian Coffee, Nick worked as a barista at several cafes in North-Central Indiana. Nick has competed in several latte-art competitions and travels frequently to visit cafes across the midwest. In addition to roasting, Nick currently oversees quality control and green-buying for Utopian as well.

Roaster Nick enjoying a cup of coffee